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Born 1995, Lomé, TOGO 


Research-based Artistic Pratice : MELA-9 On-going Series (2022-Present)

Past, is Mourning (2023) Sculpture, Resin cast, RED, 32cm x 21cm x 15cm

MELA-9, is an ongoing study of African expressions of form and functionality through craft and design. The series stems from the artist's understanding of archiving as a tool, from which to extract knowledge and imagined realities. Responding to objects extracted from Museum archives, where context, function or even spirituality are often erased; Southgate-Smith engages with these objects through instinct and play. Whilst treating each as a vessel guiding her/them through a pre-colonial landscape whilst, projecting us towards multiple futures.

Installation view, Royal Academy Schools Exhibition (2022). Photo: Andy Keate 

Shelves, top row: Together at last – BLUE, 2022 (Prototype) PLA, plaster, and paint, 38cm x 23cm x 13cm; Shelves, middle row: May happiness hound you – YELLOW, 2022 (Prototype) PLA, plaster and paint, 28cm x 33cm x 18cm; Land of my peoples – GREEN, 2022 (Prototype) PLA, plaster and paint, 30cm x 27cm x 19cm; Shelves, bottom row: Past, is mourning – RED, 2022 (Prototype) PLA, plaster and paint, 33cm x 16cm x 21cm; Ancestral plane – BLACK, 2022 (Prototype) PLA, plaster, paint, 36cm x 20cm x 16cm;

MANGOTI (2022) Sculptural stool, 3D print, PLA mixed with wood fibers, seating height 39cm, 70cm x 41cm x 47cm

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